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Testimonials from students and their parents

Odense International School by a point of view of a Brazilian family: a testimonial

When my wife and I decided to spend one year working at University of Southern Denmark as guest researchers one of our main concerns was how our son Gabriel will face the challenge of being in a different environment, in a school where most of them will not be able to understand him and communicate with him in Portuguese. Our worries were completely gone after a few days when Gabriel come back home from school and we could see he was extremely excited and happy with all different experiences he was having at school.

Very quickly we could see Gabriel was completely adjusted in this new and vibrant school atmosphere. In our point of view we believe two main things contributed to his easy and rapid adjustment: first, a friendly and warm reception of all teachers who have behaved in such way that Gabriel felt he was an important part of their teachers professional and personal lives; and second, the school itself worked as a door onto an enthusiastic and creative new world full of fun and learning opportunities.

The picture of him playing with the moon car during the after school program is always a very nice memory for all of us. Moreover, it is impressive to note that after a few months studying at Odense International School Gabriel is able and confident to have a casual conversation in English. Besides that he become more and more interested about the culture, history, and geography of other nations, something that probably come out because he had this fascinate opportunity of being sharing good moments with kids from different countries. We also as parents have learned a lot from his experiences!

Gabriel has been shown to be more confident of his personal skills to communicate and socialize with other kids at school. In some way, studying at Odense International School also helped him to grow up emotionally. For example, the way he deals with frustrations has changed in a good direction and he is now a much more relaxed and happier child. We believe that studying at Odense International School was a lifetime experience for him as well as for his entire family. We will be always thankful for all support we received from the teachers, families of other children, staff, and heads of the school.

Mauro & Simone Barros , Gabriel’s parents

Dear Johanne Skaanes-Allo

We are writing this letter to thank you and the school, for the enormous and important work you are doing.

From the first encounter with Henrik and you we have felt a warm and positive attitude from your side. Sasha’s start at the school was smooth and expeditious with him feeling himself welcomed from the first minute at classroom.

Claire is a wonderful teacher. She has got a pupil from a French school and with only spoken English and persistently and friendly worked together with Sasha, taking into account his individual features. Actually she has taught him both to write and read in English during these 3.5 months at the school. Claire has really motivated Sasha, so that home assignments were not sour obligations but challenging and interesting tasks. We could see how thoroughly Claire built Sasha’s English vocabulary up varying the level of books for reading. She understood also how to challenge him in maths’ assignments, since he has this side rather strong due to our home interest in mathematics.

Callum has made a strong impression on Sasha’s understanding of and interest in nature and science. We believe that this is due to Callum’s extremely inspiring lessons that Sasha became very interested in sea life and space. The scientific facts and stories, that Callum presented, were always detailed and correct. For example, Sasha corrected us (physicists by education) about the warmest planet in the solar system during our discussion at home. Sasha (and Callum) was right claiming that the warmest planet is Venus, and not Mercury, as we erroneously believed (which is in fact quite a common misconception).

Moreover, Claire and Callum supplemented and amplified each others’ strong sides in the educational process, which made teaching rather productive and exciting.

Danish lessons by Charlotte were very motivating for Sasha as well. He came home and proudly told us new Danish words he has just learned. Charlotte uses a first-rate material both visual and audio, and her perfect English is rather beneficial for teaching international kids.

Sasha was particularly very fond of the teacher of art (sorry I don’t know her name), which has taken a good care of English speaking pupils.

The afterschool is of utter importance for children attending the international department. This is due to the fact, that all foreigners have usually rather limited circles of acquaintances. The afterschool time at Henriette Hørluck’s not only gave a possibility to play with classmates, but also to make new friends among Danish kids. This was very much the case under the enjoyable and clever guidance of all the afterschool pedagogues.

What can be a better sign of a good school than that when a child wants to wake up in a cold rainy morning and go to school?

Thank you very much for your efforts!

Elena Bozhevolnaya and Sergey Bozhevolnyi

University of Cambridge  Certificeret DELF center  Official member of the Nordic Network of International Schools