Slotsvænget 3

5000 Odense C


The School Day


A normal school day begins by meeting up in the classroom and then going with one's entire class to the whole-school morning assembly at led by Henriette Hørlücks School's Principal, Henrik Nannestad Jørgensen. We sing and pray the Lord’s Prayer. Sometimes students perform or tell a story or we celebrate a colleague's round birthday. Our Principal might play a piece of music - anything from opera to jazz to rap - and will tell us the story behind it. One day a week, the student body of Odense International School holds its own morning assembly in English. 


After assembly, students head to class until 09.55, when they have a 15-minute break outdoors. Secondary 8 through Secondary 11 may leave campus at this break for the nearby grocery store, to purchase something for their lunch. The students have two more 45-minute-long lessons before lunch at 11.40-12.20. At lunch, the class monitors collect and distribute milk to the students who have signed up for the milk scheme (you can read more about the milk scheme here). Students eat their packed lunches, which we recommend are healthy and balanced. A limited selection of food is available against a reasonable charge in the food stall. Refrigerators and microwaves are not available to the students.


After lunch, the number of remaining lessons for the day varies, depending on the student’s year. In general, primary students are finished with lessons at 13.50 whereas secondary students also have an additional break and are finished by 14.45 or 15.30.  


The End of the School Day 

The After-School Care Programme, which is included in tuition for students in P1-P4, is open from 13.05-16.15.   You can read more about its many activities here. For 655 DKK per month from August through June, students in P5-P6 may join The Club after their lessons until 15.30 and play outside under adult supervision until 16.15. 


Students from both Odense International School and Henriette Hørlücks School participate together in the After-School Care Programme and The Club. All the adults speak English and we have a designated pedagogue helper for the international students. 


On Tuesdays, teachers from Odense Music School give lessons to those in the After-Care School Programme who are studying a woodwind instrument. Students in Primary 2 may receive two years' worth of instruction at no cost. Twice a year they perform a musical concert for our families. On Wednesdays, students may participate in the school choir.


Secondary students are not permitted to stay on campus after their last lesson of the day ends. Several students take advantage of the offer at the city's nearby Youth Center, which is open until 21.00 Mondays through Thursdays and until 17.00 on Fridays. Most of the activities are free and include hair styling, dancing, creative workshops, cooking, street football, circus skills, and Friday cafés.


School Breaks 

During breaks, students play on the playground designated for their age group, under the constant watch of teachers who are outside to care for the children. Students are not permitted to leave school property during break time until they are 14 years old, and then only during lunch (11.40-12.20). Only class monitors and senior students are permitted to stay inside during breaks. 


Cross-Curricular Approach 

The core subjects take a cross-curricular approach to education. Consequently, numeracy and literacy will cross over into other subject areas like history, geography and social studies. ICT (information and communication technologies) is integrated into regular classroom work. All classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards.