Slotsvænget 1-3,

DK-5000 Odense, Denmark

The After-School Care Programme


’Strudsen’ (= (Danish) the Ostrich) is an after-school care programme available on school days from 13.05, or after lesson time, until 16.15. The offer is open to all students in the Danish system from year 0-3, as well as key stage 1 and 2 international students. Students sign up for various activities inside as well as outside in the playgrounds.



Activities and Routines in the after-school programme

When the students arrive, they place their bags and coats in the changing room. They then choose an activity on one of the magnetic boards in the hall. We offer crafts, juggling, games in the P:E. facility, chess club, art and various types of tournaments. The students must place their magnetic nametag at the activity of their choice on the board. They will then start the afternoon with this activity.

The activities vary from day to day and run from 13.05-14.45. At 14.45 we all help to tidy up and then sit down for a late lunch/afternoon snack in the café. If the weather is good, we play outside until closing time. Parents must remember to send an extra meal for the afternoon as well as something to drink if the child is to stay beyond 15.00 p.m.



Music in the After-School programme


Every Tuesday from 13.20-14.05 children who wish to have a go on the oboe, clarinet, bassoon or flute, can sign up. For student aged 8-9 it is free. For students aged 10-12, signing up for music lessons will cost 290 DKK per month, which is payable to the Music School directly. These music lessons are scheduled from 14.10-14.55 and also take place here at school. Evert Tuesday all children who take lessons with the Music School and can also sign up for the Music School’s orchestra.


If your child is a good singer The Boys’ Choir of Sct Knud's Chatedral practice at school on Wednesdays. Besides this, we cooperate with the Children’s Choir at Gråbrødre Kloster Church. Their recitals take place every Thursday from 15.30-16.30. Finally, our own school choir practices every Wednesday afternoon with our music teachers, Stine Malling Vårdal and Mette Frederiksen. We much appreciate their regular performances at morning assemblies.
Children who want solo music lessons on piano are welcome to ask our group of private music teachers at the school.



How do we welcome new children?

It is important that the youngest students have a calm and pleasant start in the after school programme. They need to get used to the new environment, new adults and children. The kindergarten class will be introduced to their year 3 ‘friendship class’ about one month into the new school year. The year 3 students are to be attentive and helpful towards the younger students. Games and activities will also be organised with the friendship class.

International students have friendship classes, too. The international teachers offer some structured activities to aid the integration of their students and hopefully encourage friendships with students in the Danish system. International students have an especially assigned after school programme coordinator.