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Key Stage 4: The IGCSE Programme (S10 and S11)


Students must take a minimum of 7 IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) subjects over two years during their final key stage in S10 and S11 at Odense International School. Most of our students take 10 IGCSE subjects, which is comparable to the level provided at top British and international schools around the world. At least one subject from each group must be chosen. If a student studies at least 7 subjects and a minimum of 2 subjects from group 1, for which an ICE (International Certificate in Education) award certificate in connection with exam registration may be applied. The Cambridge ICE is a group award designed for schools that want to offer a broad curriculum.


How Grades Are Calculated

There are 7 different letter grades: A, B, C, D, E, F, and G, with A being the top grade. 


We use the reference from Cambridge IGCSE percentage uniform marks as a benchmark when grading. The grade must refer to what extent the student was successful with the learning targets of their syllabus (e.g. Key Stage 4, year 10, English syllabus targets). 

Grade Percentage Uniform Mark Range
A* 90-100
A 80-89
B 70-79
C 60-69
D 50-59
E 40-49
F 30-39
G 20-29


The A to G sytem largely corresponds to the 7-tier, 12 to -3 grading system in Denmark, but please be aware of subtle differences and the fact that Folkeskolens fællesmål are not the same as the targets in the CIE curriculum. 


Grade 11 of the IGCSE system is comparable to Grade 1 in Danish high school. 


Classification of Categories of the Cambridge ICE Award

Candidates who qualify for the Cambridge ICE award will be placed in one of the following categories:

Distinction – Grade A or better in 5 subjects and grade C or better in 2 subjects.

Merit – Grade C or better in 5 subjects and grade F or better in 2 subjects.

Pass – Grade G or better in all 7 subjects




 Group 1: Languages

  • First language English
  • English literature
  • Second Language English
  • Second Language French
  • Second Language German
  • Other First languages (please contact the international office for information about self-study and exam registration)

 Group 2: Humanities

 History, Geography, Global Perspectives

 Group 3: Sciences

 Biology, Chemistry, Physics

 Group 4: Mathematics


 Group 5: Creative and Vocational





 First Language Danish (FP 9)

 Folkeskolens afgangsprøve

 Danish School Leaver’s Exam

 Physical Education

 No exam


Please be aware that English, mathematics, biology, physics and chemistry can be studied at core or extended level. The extended level is more demanding than the core level. The grading is also different. You can find out more about Cambridge IGCSEs by visiting the Cambridge International Examination website:


Secondary 11 students at OIS take all their exams in May and June. Please be aware that Enterprise and Global Perspectives are project-based subjects with coursework due in March of the exam year. Language subjects also require oral examinations carried out in March.


All exams and pieces of coursework are moderated and marked externally by Cambridge International Examinations.