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Key Stage 1


Key Stage 1 is the stage of education that a child begins when they turn five years old. It is a busy and exciting stage where children build on what they learned in their early years classes and start to develop their learning potential and fully participate in school life.

During this two-year period there is a focus on the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science, along with various cross-curricular projects that will help the children to develop their learning styles, their natural curiosity and to explore the world around them. The children will also have weekly Art and Physical Education lessons with teachers who specialize in those subject areas.


Core Subject information

The core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science are each divided into different units throughout the year. Each unit is based on a particular topic within that subject, and aims to be interactive and fun for the pupils while helping them to meet specific learning targets.
Below is a guide to examples of units covered in Key Stage 1.



In English there is a focus on story-based units. We will learn about traditional and fairytale stories, stories from a range of cultures and stories with familiar settings and in fantasy worlds. We will also learn about poetry, information texts such as dictionaries, and how to make and use labels, lists and instructions to help the children with everyday tasks.



In Mathematics we study units that cover addition and subtraction and counting. Also time, 2D and 3D shapes, length, weight, capacity, money, and data handling.



The units in science include ourselves, light and dark, pushes and pulls, health and growth, sorting and using materials and growing plants. We also study sound and hearing, and plants and animals in the local environment.


Cross Curricular projects

Our cross curricular projects combine aspects of the core subjects with other subjects, such as art, design, history, geography, personal and social education and information and communication technologies (ICT).

Main projects could be ‘Pirates’, ‘The Stories of Hans Christian Andersen’ or ‘Jungle Animals’, and include trips to the Hans Christian Andersen museum and Odense Zoo to support the work done in class.

Some of our smaller projects may include themes such as ‘Who We Are’, ‘Where in the World is Barnaby Bear?’ and ‘Holidays’ such as Halloween, Eid, Diwali, Christmas and Easter.