Slotsvænget 1-3,

DK-5000 Odense, Denmark

General Information


Odense International School is a certified Cambridge International Examinations Centre. We currently offer the Cambridge Primary Programme, key stage 1 and key stage 2. Please refer to the CIE web site,, for further information about the curriculum content. The core subjects are English, mathematics, science as well as ICT starters. Students also take physical education and art classes, as well as French from the final year of key stage 2.

Students are then able to take IGSCE exams at Odense International School at age 16, which are globally recognised international qualifications. If students wish to pursue an international highschool education, we can recommend International Baccalaureate at Nyborg Gymnasium (

All classes at Odense International School are linked to a friendship class at Henriette Hørlücks School. In key stage 1 and 2 students take art and physical education with their friendship class. Key stage 1 and 2 students also share the after school care programme with Henriette Hørlücks School students. This is in order to facilitate integration through friendships with the Danish students. All international students are also by law required to study Danish. Through this integration approach we hope to further encourage the development of their Danish language further.




School Expansion Plan 2011-2016


Odense International School opened in August 2011 and is contracted through a partnership with the local council, to develop a full educational offer in English for students aged 5-16 by 2016. Today 125 pupils are attending OIS. In order to guarantee the quality of this educational offer, the expansion has taken place in 4 stages:

Stage 1 – August 2011: Primary school, key stage 1 and 2 for students aged 5-9
Stage 2 – August 2012: Primary school, key stage 2 and bridging year into key stage 3 in place for students aged 10-11
Stage 3 – August 2012: Lower Secondary School, key stage 3 for students aged 11-14
Stage 4 – August 2014: Secondary School, key stage 4 (IGCSE) for students aged 14-16