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Communication about Student Progress


Odense International School offers written assessments and parental consultations regarding student progress in all subjects. Teachers have specific learning targets for each subject, which are communicated to the students. 


Secondary Reporting

Students in Secondary 7 through Secondary 11 receive a graded report at the end of first term. At the end of the school year in late June, Secondary students receive a written Progress Report including assessment and feedback for each of their subjects, along with a personal development assessment. 


Primary Reporting

Students in Primary 1 through Primary 6 receive one Progress Report at the end of the school year. This report focuses heavily on the core subjects of Literacy, Maths and Science and includes assessments for other subjects. The class teacher completes a personal development assessment for each student. 


Parental Consultations 

Once a year, typically during October or November, parents are called into a Parental Consultation meeting. Parents to students in Primary 1, Primary 2, Secondary 10 and Secondary 11 may expect two Parental Consultation meetings each year. Students in Secondary 9 through Secondary 11  are expected to attend these meetings with their parents.



Students who leave at any point during the school year will receive a final Progress Report, Letter of Reference and Enrollment Certificate upon all school fees being settled. 


It is important for us that parents and families feel part of our school community and that questions about teaching and learning, as well as the child’s personal development, do not remain unanswered. Parents are therefore welcome to contact us on Intra when they feel the need.