Slotsvænget 3

5000 Odense C


After-School Options for Primary 5 and Primary 6 


The Homework Café

Teachers from our school run the Homework Café from 13.05-13.50 on Mondays and from 14.00-14.50 on Tuesdays – Thursdays. Participation is voluntary and included in tuition.  


The Club 

A new programme that started in 2018 is The Club, an After-School offer for students in Primary 5 and Primary 6. It is open every day from 13.05-15.30 (except on Tuesdays, when it opens at 14.00).  

After 15.30, children may use the playgrounds until 16.15.  


The Club has activities that the children know from the After-School Care Programme, such as drawing and board games. It is also a place where children can read, chill out, play Wii, watch a film, and listen to music. 


Occasionally we will go on trips to take advantage of relevant activities in the city. 

The cost of The Club is 600 kr. per month, payable over 12 months.