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Strudsen: Our After-School Care Programme 


We call our After-School Care Programme Strudsen, which means “The Ostrich” in Danish. The students in our Programme are therefore called Strudslinger, or Ostrich Chicks. It is open to students in Primary 1-4, as well as to Henriette Hørlücks students in Years 0-3. 


Every school day our Programme is open from 13.05 - 16.15. The cost is included in tuition. A variety of activities are available for the students, as well as access to the playgrounds. Students who stay after 15.00 will need to bring a water bottle and an afternoon snack. 


Activities and Routines in Our After-School Care Programme 

After their last class of the day, students bring their jackets and backpacks to the Programme area. They are free to choose an activity, such as drawing, crafts, board games, chess club, art, juggling, and more. The students place their nametag under the specific activity listed on the magnetic board. 


Activities vary from day to day and last until 14.45, when we all help tidy up before sitting down for an afternoon snack. If the weather is good, we play outside until closing time. 


Music Lessons from Odense Music School 

On Tuesdays, children from Primary 2-4 who wish to have a go on the flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, trumpet or trombone can sign up for lessons from Odense Music School. The first hour of lessons are for beginners, and the last hour of lessons are for those who have experience with the instruments. 


Two years of music lessons is also included in tuition.  



The combined Henriette Hørlücks and OIS choir practices on Wednesdays with our music teachers Stine Malling Vårdal and Mette Frederiksen. Our choir performs regularly during morning assemblies.  


Welcoming New Children 

It is important that the youngest students experience a calm and pleasant start in the After-School Care Programme. They will need to get used to the new environment, adults, and children. Our international students have a specially-assigned After-School Care Programme Coordinator.