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About Cookies at and


On December 14th 2011 the “Cookie Notice” became effective.


What does the cookie notice say?

The purpose of the cookie notice is to protect the user's privacy and restrict improper collection of users' use of websites.


How do we use cookies?

We strive to offer our website visitors the best experience possible and would therefore like to analyze traffic and behavior. We use the information to improve the content of our website and to give our visitors a good impression of our website and company.


We never share information with other companies.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer. It can contain text and numbers, but is not a program and do not contain viruses or other malicious code. A cookie aim is that the website can store specific information from the user, so the site can later recognize him or load this information. It can, for example, login information, information on previous visits, and which parts of the website you have visited.


Why do we use cookies?

The cookie contains information about the date of your last visit to our website and used for statistics.


For how long do we store cookies?

The cookie has a lifetime of one year and it is deleted one year after your last visit to the site.


How to delete cookies?

You can delete cookies settings in your browser menu or by holding down "Ctrl + Shift + Delete" on the keyboard. Select "Cookies" and hit OK.



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