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Practical Information for Families New to Denmark 


If you have just moved to Denmark, there are a few practicalities that need to be taken care of soon after your arrival to help ensure a smoother transition to daily life: 

  • CPR-number 
  • Yellow health insurance card 
  • NemID card 
  • E-boks digital post 
  • Betalingsservice automatic bank payments 
  • Dental care for your child 

CPR-number, or the Civil Registration Number 

The school is required to report all students’ CPR-numbers at the start of the school year. For this reason, it is essential that your child registers for a CPR-number with you in person at the International Citizen Service office. Their website and office hours are found here


Yellow Health Insurance Card 

The International Citizen Service office can also help with obtaining yellow health insurance cards for your family members. This card allows you to receive medical care in Denmark and has your doctor’s name and address printed on it.  


A note for our families who are citizens of a European Union country and whose S8 and S9 children will be a part of the Norway skiing trip: a blue health insurance card is needed for medical treatment in Norway. You can order one here at  


NemID Card 

To log in to various websites, such as your online banking, Skat (tax authority), and e-Boks (digital post), you need a NemID code card. To request one, you must have a CPR number and a form of identification. There are three ways to order a Nem-ID card: 

  • In person at the International Citizen Service Center 
  • On the NemID website
  • In person at your bank 



Letters from the authorities are sent via digital post on a platform called e-Boks. There is an English version here


You will need a NemID card in order to log on and access your digital mail.


Betalingsservice or Automatic Banking Payments

Once you have received your bill on your child’s first day of school, you will be able to sign up for automatic banking payments. Monthly school fees which are not paid via automatic banking are charged an extra fee. 


Signing up for automatic payments can be done either via your online banking or on the Betalingsservice app. The app requires its users to have a CPR-number, a Danish bank account with a Betalingsservice agreement, and a NemID card. Learn more about the Betalingsservice app here.


Dental Care for Your Child 

Dental care in Odense is free for children (up to the age of 18 years) who are registered in Odense Municipality. You will receive notice of an appointment in your e-Boks.  


In Odense Municipality, your child’s assigned dentist is determined by the school district map. You can enter your address here to find your child’s assigned dentist and the clinic’s contact information.  


If you already know your school district, you can find your child’s assigned dentist here.


Odense Municipality’s dental advice for children includes brushing teeth clean twice a day, getting the help of a parent until the age of 10-12 years with brushing, and using a toothpaste with fluoride.  


Acute Dental Emergencies 

For acute dental emergencies during weekdays, call your assigned dentist. They will refer you to a private dentist. Emergency dental work in a private clinic is free for children up to 18 years. 


For acute dental emergencies on weekends and holidays, the dentist on watch is open between 9.00-12-00. The phone number is 99 44 08 09 and the address is Regionstandplejen, Heden 7, 3rd floor, 5000 Odense C.  


For acute dental emergencies that occur during the evening or night and cannot wait to be seen until the next day, ring the Emergency Room at Odense University Hospital at 70 11 07 07. 


For acute dental emergencies during summer holiday, ring 65 51 55 10 between 9.00-12.15 for an appointment. 


If your child has a sudden problem with braces, ring 65 51 55 50 on weekdays between 8.00-10.00.